Compost Enhancer - Hydrated Lime
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Compost Enhancer - Hydrated Lime

Compost Enhancer – Hydrated Lime accelerates the decomposition of composting material and neutralises acidic soil. A fast acting form of lime, hydrated lime releases nutrients in your soil making them readily available to plants. High in calcium, hydrated lime is essential for strong cell structure, seed production and promotes strong root development. Compost Enhancer – Hydrated Lime can also be applied to destroy slugs and snails, and prevent disease like blossom end rot in plants such as tomato and capsicum due to calcium deficiencies.

Why you need Compost Enhancer - Hydrated Lime

  • yes tick Accelerates decomposition of compost material

  • yes tick Corrects Calcium deficiencies

  • yes tick Releases soil nutrients to plants

  • yes tick Essential for strong root development

  • yes tick Neutralises acidic soil

How to use Compost Enhancer - Hydrated Lime

Accelerate Compost Decomposition
Apply 1 cup (approx. 100g) per square metre.
Add in between layers of composting material to accelerate decomposition.

Neutralise Acidic Soil
Apply 1 cup (approx. 100g) per square metre to neutralise acidic soil.

Note: Do not use on acid loving plants. 
Pack Sizes Available: 500g
NZ $6.99

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