Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulphate
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Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulphate

Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulphate remedies magnesium deficiencies in your soil which can be seen in the yellowing of leaves. Readily soluble, Epsom Salts is rapidly absorbed into the root system providing the necessary nutrients to increase magnesium levels resulting in lush, green foliage. Epsom Salts also increases plant strength and yield for fruiting plants.

Why you need Epsom Salts

  • yes tick Corrects magnesium deficiencies - yellowing of leaves

  • yes tick Rapidly absorbed

  • yes tick Increases plant strength

  • yes tick Increases yield in fruiting plants

How to use Epsom Salts

Established Trees, Plants & Shrubs
Spread 3 tbsp (approx. 30g) around each plant. 
Fruit Trees
Spread 2 tbsp (approx. 20g) per metre of tree height, around each tree 3 times per year.
Liquid Fertiliser
Dissolve 3 tbsp (approx. 30g) in 1L of water to use as a liquid fertiliser.

Note: Take care not to come into contact with plant.
Pack Sizes Available: 750g
NZ $7.99

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