Gypsum Clay Breaker 8kg
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Gypsum Clay Breaker 8kg

Gypsum ClayBreaker is a premium soil conditioner improving soil structure, aeration and assists drainage and moisture retention. Perfect for the home gardener Gypsum Clay Breaker achieves healthy, vibrant gardens and lawns.

Natural Mineral :
CaSO4 - 2H20 Calcium Sulphate

Calcium 23.3% - strengthens cell walls making plants more resistant to insects and disease
Sulphur 18.3% - necessary for the development of green protein rich leaves


Why you need Gypsum Clay Breaker

  • yes tick Breaks up clay, loosens hard and compacted soil

  • yes tick Builds a deeper topsoil

  • yes tick Enables plant roots to penetrate deeper, resulting in strong plant growth

  • yes tick Improves soil drainage

  • yes tick Reduces root rot, moss and fungal diseases

  • yes tick Increases the absorption and availability of water, air and nutrients to plants 

    yes tick Improves moisture retention during dry conditions, reducing soil crusting and cracking

  • yes tick Enhances the effectiveness of fertilisers

  • yes tick Enhances beneficial microbial activity aiding the composting process and decreasing unpleasant odours

How to use Gypsum Clay Breaker

Application Rates
Improve structure of clay soils, apply 1 - 3 kg per square metre
As a fertiliser apply 0.5 kg around shrubs and roses etc
Vegetable gardens, apply 0.5 - 1 kg per metre  
For best results dig or scarcify in with compost and then soak with water. Gypsum can also be surface spread, soaked in by rainfall or irrigation.


NZ $12.99

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