Premium Container & Tub Mix 15L
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Premium Container & Tub Mix 15L

Garden Care Premium Container & Tub Mix is a superior growing mix with fertilisers, wetting agents and trichoderma disease protection. Gard’n Gro premium potting mix includes plantacote pluss 8-9 month fertiliser.
This superior product has been specially development by leading New Zealand horticultural scientists for New Zealand growing conditions.

Made from premium composted bark and pumice, blended with a range of fertilisers including Plantacote Pluss® 8-9 month fertilisers. Your plants receive the nutrients as they need them according to movements in soil temperature. Wetting agents are also added to assist even dispersal of water through the mix as well as better water retention and rewetting capacity for healthier container plants.

Trichoderma potting mix inoculant is included to protect your precious plants from fungal pathogens that cause disease such as root rot, and to increase plant growth rates. Trichoderma are naturally occuring, biologically active fungi that attack many fungal pathogens known to affect plants. 

This premium Container & Tub Mix is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pot plants, and is designed for growing flowers, shrubs and ornamentals in terracotta, barrels, window boxes, troughs or other similar containers.

Directions for use

  1. Water plant thoroughly before repotting and drain.
  2. Using recommended container, partially fill with mix.
  3. Take plant, gently loosen existing mix and position in container.
  4. Fill container to 2cm below rim and gently press mix down.
  5. Water well.
  6. After approximately 9 months repot with fresh potting mix or refresh mix with Plantacote Pluss controlled release fertiliser.

Also available in 30L at your nearest stockist

(15L = approx. 8kg)
NZ $7.99

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