Blood & Bone 8kg
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Blood & Bone 8kg

100% Organic - Blood & Bone contains essential nutrients including iron, which gives lustre to foliage. Nutrients are released slowly as Blood & Bone requires the action of soil organisms to assist in releasing nitrogen and phosphorus, and is therefore longer lasting.







N = Nitrogen: (6) Nitrogen generates rich, thick green growth in all plants
P = Phosphorus: (4) Phosphorus stimulates quick seed growth, root formation and quickens maturity

Why you need Blood & Bone Fertiliser

  • yes tick 100% Natural - traditional Blood & Bone

  • yes tick Long lasting fertiliser

  • yes tick Replenishes essential nutrients used throughout the growing process

  • yes tick Improves soil structure

  • yes tick Suitable for all plant types

  • yes tick Mix with Sulphate of Potash for a complete fertiliser

How to use Blood & Bone Fertiliser

When Planting
As a base application for seedling spread 1 cup (200pms) per square metre and water well.
For small plants, Garden Care Compost and a handful of Blood & Bone fertiliser mixed into the soil in the bottom of the planting hole will give a good head start.
Press soil down firmly. Spread 1 cup of Blood & Bone Fertiliser (approx. 200pms) per square metre around plants, work into the top 10cm for good distribution.
Avoid applying Blood & Bone fertiliser closer than 30cm from the plant trunk.
Water well after planting.
After Planting
Apply 1 cup (200gms) in early spring, immediately after flowering, and again in early autumn.
Work into the the top 10cm of soil, avoiding contact with plant trunk.
Water well after spreading Blood & Bone fertiliser and also continue to water during dry weather.

Also available in 2.5kg

NZ $16.99

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