Dolomag® Fertiliser 10kg
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Dolomag® Fertiliser 10kg

Excellent source of calcium & magnesium essential for plant growth
Ca Mg
21 11

Dolomitic analysis of Garden Care Dolomag®:

Magnesium: 11.0%
Calcium: 20.7%
Liming Value: 95%
Ca = Calcium: promotes sturdy growth, maintains pH balance
Mg = Magnesium: Necessary for the production of chlorophyll, remedy for magnesium deficiencies, (yellowing of mature leaves with white stripes between leaf veins) and is ideal for plants with a magnesium requirement, eg. Citrus

How to use Garden Care Dolomag® Fertiliser

Apply Dolomag® at 200gms to 500gms per square metre depending on soil deficiencies.
As Dolomag® neutralises acidity, testing soil for its pH value with a testing kit is recommended. The optimum level or “neutral range” is between pH 6.5 and 7. In neutral soils, most nutrients are available and the plant may take up what it needs without restraint.
100 gms (approx. ½ cup) per square metre would be most commonly used.
When planting trees, shrubs, flowering plants or vegetables incorporate Dolomag® into the soil to promote early root development and strong, healthy growth.
Sprinkle Dolomag® into compost box, layering compost and Dolomag®. This will help release the elements and speed the breakdown of the composting material as well as reducing odour.
Always water well after applying Dolomag®.

Also available in 3kg

NZ $12.99

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