Lawn Food 10kg
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Lawn Food 10kg

Garden Care Lawn fertiliser is a balanced blend for established lawns, Includes Iron Sulphate for better colour.
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Why your plants need Garden Care Lawn Food Fertiliser

Lawn food is a well-balanced fertiliser containing a high rate of nitrogen to promote dense leaf growth, and adequate amounts of phosphorus and potassium to generate root growth and help reduce coarse grasses, weeds and moss.

N = Nitrogen: (13) Nitrogen generates rich, thick green growth in all plants
P = Phosphorus: (2) Phosphorus stimulates quick seed growth, root formation and quickens maturity
K = Potassium: (2) The “Plant Medicine” – protects against disease, maintain overall plant health

How to use Garden Care Lawn Fertiliser

When Planting
For new lawns, before seeding or turfing, spread Gypsum 40-50 Kg per 30 square metres. If the soil contains heavy clay, this will need to be increased up to 140Kg per 30m2. Gypsum will break up clay so as to allow air and water movement before planting.
• Garden Care Blood & Bone fertiliser can be used as a pre-planting slow release fertiliser.
• Lawn Food is recommended for established lawns only.
Established Lawns
Spread Garden Care Lawn Food over lawn from end to end and then from side to side, so that a fine film covers the whole area at approx. 25 gms per square metre.
Water well immediately after application to avoid burning.

Also available in 3kg

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