Rose Fertiliser 3kg
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Rose Fertiliser 3kg

Specially formulated for roses high Potash encourages vigorous growth and high quality blooms Reduces mildew
N P K Mg
5 5 11 1.5

Why Your Roses Need Garden Care Rose Fertiliser

Rose Fertiliser keeps roses healthy and in vigorous growth over a long season. Rose Fertiliser prevents yellowing of leaves or the developing of small leaves that drop off prematurely.

N = Nitrogen: (5) Nitrogen generates rich, thick green growth in all plants
P = Phosphorus: (5) Phosphorus stimulates quick seed growth, root formation and quickens maturity.
K = Potassium: (11) “The Plant Medicine” – Protects against disease, maintaining overall plant health and also promotes strong flower growth.
Mg = Magnesium: (1.5) for improved leaf colour and nutrient balance.

How To Use Rose Fertiliser

When Planting
Thoroughly water your roses before planting.
Dig a hole a little deeper than the length of the bag the rose came in and twice as wide.
Mix a table spoon of Rose Fertiliser with Garden Care Compost and some soil at the bottom of the hole.
Place the rose in the hole and put soil in until half way up the root zone.
Spread ½ a cup (100gms) of Rose Fertiliser per square metre around the plant, rake in and water well.
Established Roses
Apply ½ cup (100gms) per square metre in early spring and a further application after spring flowering.
Apply again in late summer when the final flush of blooms is developing
After application, rake Rose Fertiliser into soil and water well
NOTE: Roses are deep rooted so watering must penetrate to the lowest roots. Avoid overhead watering.

Also available in 10kg

NZ $9.99

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