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Sulphate of Ammonia Fertiliser 3kg
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Sulphate of Ammonia Fertiliser 3kg

Encourages lush green leaf growth
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Why your plants need Garden Care Sulphate of Ammonia

Stunted plant growth and yellowing leaves can be a sign of nitrogen loss. Sulphate of Ammonia replaces lost nitrogen and generates healthy, green growth.

N = Nitrogen (21) Nitrogen generates rich, thick green growth in all plants
P = Phosphorus: (0) Phosphorus stimulates quick seed growth, root formation and quickens maturity.
K = Potassium: (0) The “Plant Medicine” – protects against disease, maintaining overall plant health.
S = Sulphur: (24) Soil and plant food that restores optimum growth.

How to use Garden Care Sulphate of Ammonia

In planting beds spread ¼ cup of Sulphate of Ammonia (approx. 50gms) per square metre. Incorporate into the top soil and water well.
When planting rows side dress approximately ¼ cup of Sulphate of Ammonia along both sides of each row, and water well.
Established trees and shrubs can be fertilised in spring and autumn by scattering ¼ cup (approx. 50gms) around the base of the plant. Work lightly into the soil and water well.
Always avoid leaves and stems to prevent scorching.

Pack Sizes Available: 3Kg
NZ $9.99

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