Muriate of Potash - Potassium Chloride
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Muriate of Potash - Potassium Chloride

Muriate of Potash - Potassium Chloride, is the most commonly used potassium fertiliser worldwide. It contains a high concentration of quick-release potassium which encourages vigorous plant growth and increases resistance against disease. Muriate of Potash promotes strong root growth, increases stem strength and flower and fruit quality for all plant types. The chloride content of Muriate of Potash aids disease resistance and increases the yield of flower and fruit plants. The addition of extra chloride can on rare occasions cause toxicity in very dry environments, however, this is unlikely to be a problem as chloride is readily removed from the soil by leaching.

Why you need Muriate of Potash

  • yes tick Great source of potassium for plants - essential for all flowering and crop bearing plants

  • yes tick Encourages vigorous plant growth

  • yes tick Promotes strong root growth

  • yes tick Increases stem strength

  • yes tick Improves flower and fruit quality

  • yes tick Increases yield of flower and fruit plants

  • yes tick Increases resistance to pests and diseases

How to use Muriate of Potash

When Planting
In planting beds spread ¼ cup of Muriate of Potash (approx. 50gms) per square metre.
Incorporate into the soil and water well.

When planting rows side dress approximately ¼ cup of Muriate of Potash along both sides of each row, and water well.

Established Trees, Plants & Shrubs
Apply ¼ cup (approx. 50gms) around the base of the plant. Work lightly into the soil and water well.

Note: Always avoid leaves and stems of plants.
Pack Sizes Available: 750g
NZ $8.99

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